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Monday, June 17, 2013



I think we all take it for granted. Whether it's:
making time (for something or someone else)
giving time (space)
waiting in time (patience)
leaving time for . . . (self)
using time to our advantage (reflection)

"time is of the essence" - we've all heard that phrase right?
. . . because it is.
Time is what are lives are built upon.
EveryTIME we speak . . . theres's sound produced. we affect someone. we communicate.
EveryTIME we think . . . a decision is being made. reflection is filtered. a memory is brought to surface.
EveryTIME we touch . . . we feel its texture. we experience.
EveryTIME we listen . . . we become aware. we gain knowledge. we are tuned in.

our lives are in time.
It takes time for us to grow . . . from childhood to old age.
It takes time for us to understand ourselves and who we are.
When we wake up and we we fall asleep is based on time.
Our paths in life are determined by how much time we put into reaching our goals or how complacent we become.
As humans . . . we are a picture of time.

Making time.
How much time do we put into doing WHAT we want, instead of what we have to?
How much time do we give the people we care about and not place them . . . within our schedules?

Giving time.
How many times do we feel like we need a BREAK?
How much time do we allow for people who NEED a break from us?

Waiting in time.
How many times do we wish for things to happen NOW?
How many times do we interfere with how much time is actually needed?

Leaving time for . . .
How many times do we miscalculate our coming and going?
How many times do things that are important become 'not as important?'

Using time.
How MUCH do we use time for ourselves in quiet moments?
How do our dreams come true?

. . . we take the TIME to allow them to.
[stronger. more aware. fighting harder than before]
~ dipr

Monday, May 13, 2013


Where do we invest our time and energy?
Priority? or Passion?
People? or Problems?
in Pride? or in Partners?

I've invested a lot of my time in all the above. Not every outcome has been pleasant or beneficial to my life. However, my investment in people has always been more in the forefront of my life . . . rather than investing in myself. 
INVESTMENT takes belief in someone or something.
INVESTMENT means willingness in giving your time . . .
INVESTMENT doesn't necessarily produce a likable outcome or a 'worldly' recognition.
INVESTMENT IS energy given outwardly.
INVESTMENT is NOT a priority - it IS passion.
INVESTMENT does encounter problems.
INVESTMENT is usually prompted by partnership.
As artists, but more so as human beings, we should invest in the ones who believe in us - wholeheartedly . . . unconditionally. As a result, it begins to diminish our 'priority' and becomes our passion; it helps us to see progression through process. We don't give up on on our 'investments' - we push, even in 'fighting battles.' Why? Potential. Our 'investments' always have potential!

If we encounter problems . . . these problems will soon become learning lessons, molding both individuals simultaneously. We can fix these problems or 'brush over' them. However, with investing . . . problems ARE salvageable.

Where does pride come in? Well . . . our pride is a result of our investment 'rising at a rate we never imagined.' It's when the investEES lose their connection to their investORS. Though, as investors we must remember that without the investees - our passion would have not arisen: investment prompted by partnership!

We should all make less investment in 'material' . . . and in this context means: the underlying competitiveness, the superficial worldly gain. And whether we act as though - we are 'above' it - we move amongst it - it becomes our motivator!

INVEST in 'potential' at practice and less in promise . . . 

[stronger. more aware. fighting harder than before]
~ dipr.

(inspired by the ones whom I've invested by BELIEF in)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


At times, we purely EXIST from the love we unconsciously have gotten from other people, meaning love that wasn't processed until it was verbally stated. And this is the type of love that should exist within our beings at all times. Why? because it helps to push us just one step further in understanding ourselves and getting rid of the bulls***! . . . the bull-ish that brings us to low, unattractive places. The outside world only sees the 'heart on our sleeves' - instantly discredit us . . . until we, ourselves find ways to 'flip the script,' if you will?

EXISTENCE is an interesting concept only for the fact that - we exist through our connections with others, how good they make us feel OR by how they don't give us what we need. I just think that love, of course has always been two-fold, or maybe '3-D' - the good, the bad, annnnnd the ugly! However, some love that we encounter enters our spirits with . . . a fight! A yes! A 'no, you're right!' 

On the contrary, existing through this 'unconscious' love is not similar to SUPPORT. I'm allowing for it to be disconnected for a minute . . . I allude support to a variable that is constant, not something 'every now and then' or from afar. This 'unconscious love existence' IS 'every now and then' and many times, from a far. 

Let's backtrack! 
This new term I'm calling unconscious love existence came about from someone verbally stating truth! What makes the love unconscious is that it 'caught you off guard,' but truly filled your spirit with a new understanding: 
I can EXIST because I felt love in a new form - I am more confident to progress . . . 

Inspired by a late night conversation with Lee Daniel and Kris Rhodes.

Monday, April 22, 2013


What's interesting about it - is that it really helps you get back to . . . YOU. Sometimes, closure is all we need to progress in our lives again. I think that when we don't have it . . . we're sort of stuck in this weird place??? The place of insecurity, uncertainty or being in between. In social situations, when  people aren't direct about their emotions or which actions to take, in regards to your connection with them - you begin to allow this situation to take over your entire being: eat, sleep, and live  . . . Their being becomes your thought process; This SHOULDN'T be!

There's always a: Direct and Indirect in any sort of relationship/friendship/encounter/situation. It's once the Direct and Indirect become . . . Direct and Direct - this is when CLOSURE is complete! A weight is lifted! There's a feeling of: "There's nothing else I can do." "It is, what it is." However, the circumstances may or may not be to your liking . . . "a happy ending." Though, just knowing what you needed to hear or what has never been said or hearing what you knew was in your head all along . . . was FINALLY established! 

Through the hurt, indifference, the disagreement - you begin to understand: 
"Their loss - not mine." 
"Everything happens for a reason." 
"People come in seasons." 
"Every day is a new day!" 
"I am, who I am and that's all I have to be!" 

My personal favorite: Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not ok - it's not the end. 
But CLOSURE is the end for one particular time in our journey, in order for an even better time coming in our lives. 

And you know that old saying: If it comes back to you . . . it's supposed to be there!

[stronger. more aware. fighting harder than before]

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


comes from being in a 'standstill' -  in search of something greater. We can't always expect for things to stay the same/have the same affects they originally had. We make choices. Our lives change. Our thoughts change . . . which means our process has to change. 

If you feel you have something of value - something worth the 'world' taking grasp of . . . hold on to that 'feeling.' Figure out a new way to help it evolve! 

"like a burning building falling to pieces in the dark - in light, new ideas filter on how to make the grounds stand on it's on . . .  again."

[stronger. more aware. fighting harder than before]

(inspired by Morgan Williams)