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Monday, May 13, 2013


Where do we invest our time and energy?
Priority? or Passion?
People? or Problems?
in Pride? or in Partners?

I've invested a lot of my time in all the above. Not every outcome has been pleasant or beneficial to my life. However, my investment in people has always been more in the forefront of my life . . . rather than investing in myself. 
INVESTMENT takes belief in someone or something.
INVESTMENT means willingness in giving your time . . .
INVESTMENT doesn't necessarily produce a likable outcome or a 'worldly' recognition.
INVESTMENT IS energy given outwardly.
INVESTMENT is NOT a priority - it IS passion.
INVESTMENT does encounter problems.
INVESTMENT is usually prompted by partnership.
As artists, but more so as human beings, we should invest in the ones who believe in us - wholeheartedly . . . unconditionally. As a result, it begins to diminish our 'priority' and becomes our passion; it helps us to see progression through process. We don't give up on on our 'investments' - we push, even in 'fighting battles.' Why? Potential. Our 'investments' always have potential!

If we encounter problems . . . these problems will soon become learning lessons, molding both individuals simultaneously. We can fix these problems or 'brush over' them. However, with investing . . . problems ARE salvageable.

Where does pride come in? Well . . . our pride is a result of our investment 'rising at a rate we never imagined.' It's when the investEES lose their connection to their investORS. Though, as investors we must remember that without the investees - our passion would have not arisen: investment prompted by partnership!

We should all make less investment in 'material' . . . and in this context means: the underlying competitiveness, the superficial worldly gain. And whether we act as though - we are 'above' it - we move amongst it - it becomes our motivator!

INVEST in 'potential' at practice and less in promise . . . 

[stronger. more aware. fighting harder than before]
~ dipr.

(inspired by the ones whom I've invested by BELIEF in)