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Monday, June 17, 2013



I think we all take it for granted. Whether it's:
making time (for something or someone else)
giving time (space)
waiting in time (patience)
leaving time for . . . (self)
using time to our advantage (reflection)

"time is of the essence" - we've all heard that phrase right?
. . . because it is.
Time is what are lives are built upon.
EveryTIME we speak . . . theres's sound produced. we affect someone. we communicate.
EveryTIME we think . . . a decision is being made. reflection is filtered. a memory is brought to surface.
EveryTIME we touch . . . we feel its texture. we experience.
EveryTIME we listen . . . we become aware. we gain knowledge. we are tuned in.

our lives are in time.
It takes time for us to grow . . . from childhood to old age.
It takes time for us to understand ourselves and who we are.
When we wake up and we we fall asleep is based on time.
Our paths in life are determined by how much time we put into reaching our goals or how complacent we become.
As humans . . . we are a picture of time.

Making time.
How much time do we put into doing WHAT we want, instead of what we have to?
How much time do we give the people we care about and not place them . . . within our schedules?

Giving time.
How many times do we feel like we need a BREAK?
How much time do we allow for people who NEED a break from us?

Waiting in time.
How many times do we wish for things to happen NOW?
How many times do we interfere with how much time is actually needed?

Leaving time for . . .
How many times do we miscalculate our coming and going?
How many times do things that are important become 'not as important?'

Using time.
How MUCH do we use time for ourselves in quiet moments?
How do our dreams come true?

. . . we take the TIME to allow them to.
[stronger. more aware. fighting harder than before]
~ dipr