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Sunday, March 14, 2021

the break in we

(written 3/4/21)

To grow apart is a growing edge 

A growing edge, I don’t wanna start 

The start of end 

The length in start 

The art that came 

The tears grew pain 

The pain grew scars 

The scars not healed

The healing’s now 

The art of thou...

Thou are not that

That one you shun

Thou are not that 

Thou are not 



What is it called when art comes from pain? When words just flow...

movement flows...

Your brain being programmed for pain? A previous once told me this, some years back. My combat was...I joke around all the time, I laugh all the time. I just can’t create when I’m happy. 

I’d rather go out an live life when I’m happy. 


He IS my inspiration, my motivation in frustration 


You can’t force something that the universe wants you to let go~

~deeply out 🖤

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